About Pete Jeans.

Pete Jeans. Director. SMO Sydney.
Sydney, Australia

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About Pete Jeans

Pete Jeans is not a consultant. He works inside the business with the management team on the business. That creates effective engagement, confidence and better outcomes.

He is a leader who transforms organisations in the private and public sectors to build their capability and competitiveness in existing and new preferred markets.

As he says…”around change and growth challenges, my competitive advantage is best-practice strategy processes and wider and deeper industry sector experience.”

This means you will be able to drive profitable customer share expansion…strategically, quickly and cost-effectively.”

Pete Jeans says “we are different and better because our strategy processes are world-class. When we apply these for our  clients, they benefit quickly because we know how to develop their  value propositions to create sustainable competitive advantage.”

“We can create a potentially stronger future with you… through sustainable growth strategy, structure re-alignment, implementation of leading-edge operational processes and team mentoring.”

Important note: As Pete Jeans does not assume a duty of care in relation to this information, promotional information or opinions by third parties, it should not be relied on as a substitute for specific advice relevant to your particular circumstances. © All rights reserved. September 2014.

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