NSW economic update…courtesy of APO.org.au

Here’s a useful update from the NSW Parliamentary Research Service on the status of the economy in New South Wales, Australia. Follow the link.



Pete Jeans. Director. SMO Sydney.

SWOT analyses and value propositions…key strategic tools…but often not exploited appropriately


Pete Jeans. Director. SMO Sydney.

SWOT analyses are often developed too quickly… by management second-guessing the issues without the benefits of customer research; and then generalising their views of their own organisations’ performance. BIG mistake! Why? Because management opinions of the drivers that influence customers are often degrees different to customers’ actual perceptions.

SWOT analyses need to be developed from the current and potential customers’ viewpoint.

That way, we get to understand:

  1. What are the key factors that drive perceptions of  organisations’ marketing performance on drivers that influence supplier choice? ( relative to competitors )
  2. How do we rate on these factors in customers’ minds?
  3. What are the critical components of the desired value proposition from the customer’s standpoint that need to be enhanced?

Then, there’s the value proposition. That is, the holistic statement of the benefits to key market segments that influence customers to prefer one supplier over another.

The process is straightforward and not expensive relative to getting the value proposition wrong.

But, there’s one more absolutely fundamental issue…and that’s assessing whether the desired value proposition is different and strong enough to stand out sustainably over time against competitors’ positions.

It’s the acid test. Is the promotional positioning and execution cutting through the competitive noise and engaging customers? That’s where a specialist advertising agency earns their stripes…creatively; through media channel choice, promotional spend weight recommendations and media buying expertise.

So, I hope these few words strike a chord with you. Perhaps I can help to develop the true position you hold in the market? Email me at petejeans1@telstra.com if you’d like to have a chat.


Pete Jeans

Director. SMO Sydney.

About Pete Jeans:


immediate solutions when you’re under-resourced


Hello. I’m Pete Jeans. Director at SMO Sydney. I’m a contract GM with wider and deeper industry sector experience.

Middle management has just about disappeared in some sectors. And as order volume is starting to rebuild and everyone is busy,  the challenge is who’s available now to lead implementation programmes for growth or change?

Here’s some ideas:

  • form a team of future leaders. Give them the responsibility to build and execute a growth  implementation plan.
  • hire an interim leader to lead delivery
  • re-employ a retired former manager who understands the organisation and the issues
  • retain a sales representative agency to drive in-field  customer acquisition goals
  • send me an email at petejeans1@telstra.com         perhaps I can help?


Pete Jeans

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There’s some evidence from a few Australian sectors that volume is picking up

Here’s a very useful table from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that summarises growth by sector over the last few years. Paste the link into your browser and check it out.


Anecdotal commentary from my extensive corporate network suggests that  new residential housing, some food sectors, on-line retailing and water & sewerage are moving along nicely.

And, like always, there’s companies that need help quickly to drive mission-critical projects when their resources are stretched.

That’s where we come in. Please contact me at petejeans1@telstra.com


Pete Jeans

Director SMO Sydney

the growth platforms that really matter…


I was asked recently what really matters in the chase for growth. Based on more than 10 years of working inside ambitious organisations with management teams on their businesses, in my opinion these issues are key:

  • research your current and potential customers to understand their perceptions of your value proposition strengths and weaknesses
  • create innovative products and services to deliver value higher than their expectations
  • engage your priority markets with fantastic people and “easiest-to-deal-with” processes
  • promote creatively to stand out from the crowd to deliver and manage key messaging effectively
  • act pro-actively and competitively. To survive, an organisation has to grow profitably.

If you’d like to learn more, please send me a reply and contact details. I’m based in Sydney Australia.


Pete Jeans  Director


passion for results for customers and stakeholder-relationship improvement are the key differences

Reflecting on the effectiveness of leaders, there are two key standouts.

In my opinion, leaders are effective when their thinking and actions are focussed on  persistently creating value for customers on an ongoing basis; and building trust with stakeholders through regular communication and feedback mechanisms.

It is these two key differences which separate leaders from tryers.

Now that’s not rocket science. It is a simple and obvious agenda worth pursuing.

What happens I believe, is that Boards and management understand that  seeing their C.E.O walking the talk is a powerful reason to follow and  provide support for innovation.

And a team that follows, is a team that outperforms their individual expectations; inter-dependent on the talent and skills that they share.

What’s your view?

Pete Jeans


SMO Sydney

Slowing economy…but the opportunities are still there for focused outfits

The RBA in Australia dropped its benchmark interest rate to just 3% this week…and the GDP figures are roughly the same. Low numbers…but Australia is still in good shape thanks to our relationships with export partners and mild GFC impacts. We are still the luckiest country in the world.

Opportunities are  still available for organisations with the drive and commitment to delight customers. The competitive environment is classically passive in Australia…so anyone who can demonstrate difference and competitive advantage has a head start on those who lethargically expect business volume to flow to them because of tradition and history. Their outdated products, services and business processes just don’t cut the mustard and  consequently brand equity dilutes.

It all comes down to clarity of strategy and appetite for success. Have you got that?

Comment or email me if you’d like to chat. Maybe we can help.


Pete Jeans


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