What’s the average Australian family look like?

I’ve been using the ABS for years. What people may not know is that they have fantastic resources to do customised research on industry sector info that you need.

In their recently released 2006 Census data, their media fact sheets painted a picture of the average Australian family…which makes interesting reading. Here it is below…

Census paints a picture of the average Australian family

  • The 2006 Census showed that the most common family type in Australia was a couple with children. Just over 45% of all families, or 2.4 million families, fell into this group. The Australian Capital Territory and Victoria had the highest proportions of families in this group.
  • Of all couple families with children, most were young families with children under 15 years (69%, or 1.6 million couple families). These families might also have included dependent students (aged 15–24 years) and non-dependent children still living with their parents.
  • Couples families with children under 15 were the most common family type in every state and territory. The Northern Territory had the highest proportion, with 80% of all couple families with children falling into this group.
  • The average number of children living in couple families with children under 15 was 2.16 children. Of the almost 4 million children living in Australia at the time of the 2006 Census, three-quarters (almost 3 million) were living in a couple family and almost all of these (2.7 million) were with both their natural or adoptive parents.
  • Nine out of 10 couple families with young children lived in a separate house with an average of 4 bedrooms. Most of these families were paying off a mortgage – almost two-thirds across Australia. The exception was in the Northern Territory where 43% of young families were renting their home.
  • The median monthly mortgage repayment for young families in a separate house was $1400. The lowest monthly repayments for young families were in Tasmania ($975 per month) and the highest in New South Wales ($1665 per month). The highest level of outright home ownership by young families in separate houses was in Victoria (18%).
  • The 2006 Census also showed that couple families with young children have 2 cars on average.
  • Exactly 83% of couple families with young children have some type of Internet connection at home. The lowest rates of connection were in the Northern Territory (66%) and the highest in the Australian Capital Territory (90%). In all states, broadband is the most common connection type. The highest use of broadband was in the Australian Capital Territory (69% of young families).

NB: The figures in this fact sheet exclude overseas visitors. Where an answer to a question has not been provided (i.e. not stated) these occurrences form a separate category in the data and therefore some percentages do not total to 100%.

Source: ABS 2006 Census.



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  1. Hi there, would you be able to email me the ABS Census 2006 link? There is interesting information in your blog that I would like to use in a Research Essay, however I need to be able to reference and quote from their site.

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